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We Offer Arcade Games and Rides Machines

From Catering to Corporate Events, Trade Shows, Conventions,

Custom Wrapped Corporate Arcades & Team Building,

Private and Birthday Parties.


For MG Electronic, the future is one in which comprehensive and wholesome entertainment solutions are easily available, even in the remotest part of the globe.


We envision a world in which all our partners and customers continue to enjoy the very best that technology and design have to offer, at amazingly cost-effective rates.


Ours is a future in which our name is synonymous with entertainment, efficient after-sales care, and unparalleled customer satisfaction.


At MG Electronic, our future is now.


Success is only sustainable if it is based on integrity, and this is precisely what MG Electronic is all about.


Growth, productivity, and profits are valuable, but only when they go hand-in-hand with the satisfaction, success, and trust of our partners and customers.


We are dedicated to achieving excellence while always maintaining the highest standards of honesty, professionalism, and efficiency.


For us, this is a success, and we cannot get enough of it!

Company History

MG Electronic is a small company in Indonesia, founded and registered in 1992.


We are now one of the leading suppliers, designers, and technical support teams for Arcades and Amusement Parks the world over!


We have overcome all odds with our dedication, our skills, and our determination to deliver only the best in entertainment, innovation, and family enjoyment.


More importantly, our honesty and integrity have ensured a deep and lasting relationship with every one of our customers.


Their respect, friendship, and goodwill are what we count as our real success, and we are determined to see this grow!

Why MG Electronic?

MG Electronic is the largest gaming arcade supplier in Indonesia. We began supplying excellent games and excellent services since 1992.


As new amusement arcade games innovations have been introduced to the gaming industry, we have maintained our focus on the cutting edge

and have continued to be top leaders in our coin-operated arcade games industry for over 20 years!


We pride ourselves on offering the most current amusement arcade games, crane redemption and touch screen games available

with the ability and knowledge to tailor them to your customer’s needs and desires.


We also maximize floor space to provide the best entertainment space possible.


Creating a great gaming arcade environment for two games or two hundred takes a lot of experience and talent; we have both and are ready to serve you.



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